Winter Dressing ABCs: From the Inside to the Outside

Winter Dressing ABCs: From the Inside to the Outside

Winter’s weather has arrived in fine frigid form and with it the chance to wrap yourself up in cozy, layers of winter fashions. And layers it must be. Getting out the door in a coat, boots, toque, and scarf then back inside the house and unwrapping – it is a daily cycle of shedding and donning clothes any number of times. But how to minimize the hassle and maximize your style?

Coriander has just the layering pieces you’re looking for to keep your look pulled together effortlessly. Let’s start with the basics.

A base of breathable bamboo will keep you warm and dry, yet comfortably cool. Perhaps a tank or scoop neck top in bamboo to fill in under your blazer. Or perhaps a pair of leggings under your skirt to ward off drafts so common this time of year. (Heck, even opening an exterior door is a bracing event.)


Of course, you can (and should) avail yourself of some thicker fleece-lined bamboo leggings too. As well as our popular regular bamboo leggings, we stock lined bamboo leggings, and new sherpa bamboo leggings for those longer winter hikes or days when it is a challenge to walk the dog.  Our new sherpa leggings work well under snowpants too, so go ahead and make that snow fort with confidence and comfort.


Now let’s not overlook the importance of warm tootsies. Wool content helps keep your feet toasty and dry.




The secret of our amazingly comfy Darn Tough socks is their merino wool rich fibre content, which allows breathability and thermal regulation for happy feet even in the freezingest or hottest of temperatures. Yes, you can wear them year-round. 

By nature, wool pulls moisture away from the skin and helps fight odour. For our selection of Darn Toughs, a lightweight, silky feel yarn is used in a seamless performance knit to prevent slipping, bunching, and blisters. This miracle hosiery even comes with a lifetime guarantee, no strings, no conditions.

Now apply some hand cream and lip balm, and get out there. Winter can’t stop the savvy fashionista.

Pro Tip: Our newest edition of Coriander’s Favourite Things Box features products that will help you sail through the wintry weather with style and ease…and some indulgence thrown in for good measure. 


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