Summer Shines On- Fun Ways to Brighten August Days

July 29, 2022

Summer Shines On- Fun Ways to Brighten August Days

August brings night skies full of shooting stars and subtle signs of summer winding up. If back-to-school ads are getting you down, take heart- there’s still a lot of the season left. 

To help you squeeze the most out of the sunny days ahead, we’ve rounded up some fun days to help keep routines at bay for a little longer. 

Dive into these awesome August ideas and make summer good to the last drop!

National S'mores Day - August 10

When it comes to this campfire classic, the s’more the merrier! Stock up on stacks of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and cozy up to your fire pit —or your Flikr firepot! Join us at Coriander Life on Saturday, August 10 when we’ll be warming up some ooey gooey goodies that are sure to make you a happy camper!

indoor fire pot with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make s'mores


National Lazy Day - August 10

Lounge about, linger longer, and lollygag away the day!  Wear your most comfy clothes, let the laundry pile up and celebrate by accomplishing…nothing. On #nationallazyday, you have full permission to put off until tomorrow anything that should be done today. 

sloth stuffed animal for lazy day


World Honey Bee Day - August 20

A day as sweet as can bee! We’re all a-buzz about #worldhoneybeeday! Our hive is thriving with beauty and self-care products full of the natural benefits from the work of these busybodies. Here’s a taste of some of our favourites:

drizzle honey jar with lemon slices and ginger


National Lemonade Day - August 20

Coriander Life is setting up a lemonade stand to celebrate #nationallemonadeday today! Drink up the day, soak in the sun and squeeze the most out of the last days of summer. Or, make yourself your own adult version (spiked!) with our always fun cocktail bombs!

National Dog Day - August 26

If your life has gone to the dogs, then #nationaldogday should get your tail wagging! Treat your furry family member to an extra biscuit, throw the frisbee a few more times and cuddle up with your canine cutie. While one day is not enough to say ‘thank you’ to the loyal pal who makes every day better, at least it gets us all barking up the right tree!

dog people soap bar


And, of course, there's our 'Big August Sale' to help you stock up on some sweet savings! (stay tuned for more info!)

However, wherever you spend your time in August, we hope that we can help make the sun shine a little longer for you! 


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