June 20th - The Day of the Dads

June 15, 2021

June 20th - The Day of the Dads

As Day of the Dads looms ever closer, thoughts of how to honour him begin to stir. But how best to express your high regard and irreplaceable love for him? We think a homemade card, elaborately decorated with macaroni and yarn bits and hand-drawn hearts would absolutely make his day, but it’s your dad – you can do better.

Perhaps a cozy stroll through the wilderness for some quality father-child time is in order. Allow yourself a few snaps, but otherwise shut that blinkety blank phone off. Find out what more you have in common with this man. Get some answers to your questions. Let him learn about you in return…and in moderation of course. Gear him up with a hiking guide and a men’s hat.

Or perhaps he is more the weekend road warrior type, donning his superhero spandex to do battle with climate change and middle-age spread on his trusty two-wheeled steed. Perhaps you can join him on his asphalt assault. Or better yet – a picnic or pub meal at some point along his cycling journey could thrill your dear old dad to bits and pieces. An addition to his bike accessories would be a very welcome gift too. Take a peek here and here for bike accessories and here and here for outdoor dining ware. 

Of course, it might be that your daddio is the coolest daddio of them all, cutting a dashing figure right down to his hosiery and skivvies choices. Encouraging his self-expression is an act of love. Check out these options for the aforementioned hosiery and skivvies

Here at Coriander, we are beyond keen to help out with some carefully curated gift ideas. Just as there are many dad types out there, we have many gift types to suit every one of them. Check out our special collection here.

What dads around the world cherish most of all is time with their offspring. This Sunday, June 20th, make a point of giving your Dad some time. Yes, you can bring that blinkety blank phone out now – even a call will lift his spirits and reassure him of his place in your heart. 

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