Jellycats for Easter

March 14, 2024

Jellycats for Easter


“Born in London. Loved worldwide.”

Jellycat stuffies have been gracing the globe with their highly huggable presence for a quarter of a century, gaining millions of fans and dominating the social media hashtag scene in the process. We here at Coriander are simply smitten with them.

Why are Jellycats the premier stuffies on today’s plush market? We’ll have to start at the beginning.



Jellycat History

We have been provided with a source story from the maker that is as equally charming as it is loosely based on fact, but let’s not let that get in the way of a good tale. The Jellycat tribe is ancient, going back to “the birth of the very first potato”. Nice. 


It was the cats of the tribe who first made contact with humans in ancient Egypt. This went rather well, as evidenced by the statues and murals in their honour scattered liberally throughout this sandy land. Hence the cats became the tribe leaders. They then reached out to the Amuseables tribe, inviting them into the Jellycat family. The Amuseables enthusiastically accepted.


The inherent Jellycat charm is their calling card and the key to their continued survival through the millennia, right up to as you see them today. Cute. Cuddly. A companion for life.


Each new generation sees a single cat crowned with a special Jelly hat, their symbol of joy and reminder to treasure their playful natures and always share joy with others. 

“The number nine is special to cats, so in 1999, the ninth generation of cat opened the Jellycat Studios in London, to share joy with the whole world through toys, accessories, books, music, films and social media. The ninth cat is called Jack Jellycat. He is touring the world this year to tell this story and celebrate 25 years of Jellycat Studios.”


Standout Quality

What makes a Jellycat standout from the crowd? Clever, adorable, playful designs and luxurious tactile appeal for starters. Kids and adults alike can’t stop touching these oh so huggable creatures, who can endure the heartiest of lovings for years and years of play and companionship.


Easter Cuddle Buddies

Looking for something other than sweets to put in their Easter baskets? Look no further—Coriander Life’s selection of whimsical Jellycat friends has just what/who you seek. 

Soft, fuzzy bunnies? Check.




A woolly lamb? Yes.



A fluffy duckling? You betcha!



Or maybe a sweet little early reader book is more what you had in mind for your favourite little bunnykins? We’ve got those too.





Our selection of Jellycat critters goes beyond the conventional Easter animals for those stuffie lovers having specific preferences. 









See them all here

After selling these irresistible plush pals for years, we can share stories from returning customers who tell us that their children/grandchildren do not soon outgrow them. Kids adore them. Teens collect them. Adults can’t resist them, using these plushies for décor accents and couch comrades.

And Jellycats are movie co-stars too. You will see them as the faithful companions to many young characters in film and on TV. You may even spot yours. 

Whatever comes hopping down the bunny trail to your house, may it come bearing nothing but happiness and fun for all. And maybe a Jellycat or two. 

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