Introducing our all-new 'Favourite Things' Subscription Box

Introducing our all-new 'Favourite Things' Subscription Box

We will be issuing our fabulous seasonal boxes 4 times a year. 

Our first beautiful and intriguing issue is our Summer subscription box. Among the favourite things you will find within this season’s offering are:

  •  one of our Blue Q sustainable totes in a summer theme
  •  a luxurious Turkish towel - if you don’t have one yet, you really need one
  •  a summer scented soy candle from the St. Jacob’s candle company 

Of course, we’ve packed even more gorgeous merchandise than this into each box of goodies, but we’re not revealing all because that would eliminate the element of surprise and a good deal of the fun of these boxes.

Almost everything in this season’s box is appropriate for everyone with one exception.  Please indicate if you wear a small/medium or medium/large in the notes with your order.

* Each box is priced at $99; purchasing a year’s subscription of our “Favourite Things Box Set” will cost you $396, with billing on a quarterly basis. You are also free to cancel your subscription at any time, but seriously, why would you want to do that? Of course, you may start with just 1 box to get a taste of this sweet offer.

* A limited number of boxes will be available with each release and they will be sold on a first-come, first-serve, no holds basis…we will run out. However, if you buy the 1-year subscription (all 4 seasons = all 4 boxes) you will be guaranteed to get one.

* These top-quality seasonal collections of our very best products offer high value for the price. This translates to they will be a savvy shopper certified smokin’ hot deal, worth waaaaay more than $99.

* You can choose between curbside pickup  -- YES! Just leave us a note when placing your order if you are picking up curbside and we will refund your shipping charge. 

* Our Summer Box will be available in early June for all who pre-purchase their box.

Our Favourite Things Box also makes a wonderful gift for someone who needs a lifting of their spirits and a stronger feeling of connection with the outside world or maybe you simply think they deserve to be spoiled. We’re here to help with that, thoughtful enablers that we are. :) 


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Hi Deborah! We will absolutely ship to Calgary. You can subscribe to these boxes through this link:

Alicia Hall

Need large size please
Bobbie will bring me my summer box

Sally Bannister

Hi I used to live in Collingwood, just moved to Calgary 2 years ago! I would be very interested in your seasonal boxes, would you mail out west of course I would pay the shipping. It would be wonderful to get your quality products again way out here, please let me know. Thank you from Deborah

Deborah Swan

Sounds like a great idea, let me know when subscriptions open up.

Nancy Raso

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