French Dressing Jeans: Well-earned Applause and a Fit Clinic

French Dressing Jeans: Well-earned Applause and a Fit Clinic

Why do we get so excited by French Dressing Jeans for women? Because of their seemingly custom made fit. FDJs can fit and flatter every body shape out there while still providing remarkable comfort, contemporary style, and a wide variety. Say good bye to your old Levis -- they just can't compete with these divas of denim. 

Hunting for a good pair of women's jeans can be an enervating experience in frustration, right up there with bathing suit shopping, as you struggle to find some denims designed to fit your form without sacrificing circulation, mobility, and your bank account balance. 

Enter French Dressing Jeans. With shirts, tees, sweaters, and denim jackets in their collections as well as every sort of jean a gal could want, you can walk away with an entire new outfit if not a whole mini wardrobe.

Here at Coriander Style, we have long appreciated the quality and value of FDJ products. Indeed, we host fit clinics spotlighting these marvellous jeans. And there is one coming up very soon!

From 11AM – 5PM on Friday, October 22nd, Kim Crawford, world-renowned as The Jeans Whisperer and FDJ fit expert will be in the house to work her magic on your backside. 

Denim Diva Kim will size you up and into the perfect pair in no time, usually with just a glance. She’s simply that good.

This is a one day only event in Coriander Style, so please take advantage of this chance for a free professional fitting anytime between 11-5 on the 22nd. No appointment necessary.

GIVEAWAY: We will be holding a draw for 1 pair of FDJs of the winner’s choice; we are giving away a pair to 2 winners. Draw ballots are earned during the event by anyone who tries on a pair of FDJs and will be available at the sales counter upon check out.


BONUS: Best of all (your fabulously denim clad tushy aside), for every pair of jeans tried on, $1 will be donated to the “Look good, feel better” program through FDJ.

Our friendly Stylists will complete your outfit with a selection of coordinating top pairings specially chosen for you. It’s always helpful and fun to see a whole look.  To ensure jeans hunting success, we have brought in an extra 300+ pairs of FDJs just for the day. This special stock won’t be staying with us long, so come check it out asap.

Giveaways! Extra stock! Groovy tunes! Professional fittings! Special orders! Our friendly, supportive staff! Celebrating your tuckus hasn’t been this much fun since our last fit clinic.

See you Friday.

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