Focus On: Zaket & Plover

Focus On: Zaket & Plover

They’ve arrived!  The spring shipment of our favourite brand of sweaters, Zaket & Plover, has just landed at Coriander Style and boy, do these fresh and colourful designs brighten our days.

Founded in 2004 by the wife and husband team of Effie and Chris, this leading Australian fashion label has become a global sensation, but remains a family business. The company’s core value of creativity and quality is apparent in its downright happy designs.

“Our name has been derived from our Greek roots. ZAKET meaning Cardigan & PLOVER meaning Pullover.”

We are smitten by the maker’s collection and have brought in a wide range of these delightful designs for Spring/Summer 2022. Are you ready for yummy colour?  Well, we can offer you 24 flavours! The fit of these sweaters is fabulous thanks to their clever construction and they feel like a dream — the cotton/cashmere yarn mix is cloud soft. The biggest challenge everyone seems to have is how to choose just one. And why should you? 

Sustainability in fashion, from source fibres and supply chain, to workers’ rights and packaging, informs our buying decisions here at Coriander. As a brand, Zaket and Plover are continually striving and educating themselves to become environmentally sustainable with all of their  practices. This is just another reason why the luxury women’s knitwear makers from Down Under, Zaket & Plover, is one of our favourite brands.

The sleeve design on this lovely piece has made it an immediate best-seller at Coriander Style.

Prismed light aka a rainbow. 

The best of soft and bright colours for the warmer weather: snow, grass, pale sun, early flowers, and tender skies.

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when your chest is even better?

Fresh and bright. Amazing under a blazer. 

Surprise colour pop.



Colour blocking for impact. You choose the power level.


From easy weekends to everyday wear, these appealing sweaters cheer up your day. It’s like wearing a smile.

Be happy, Friends. 

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