Big Brown Bag Reverse Auction

August 17, 2021

Big Brown Bag Reverse Auction
If you can smell a slight smokiness in
the air, it’s because you’re clairvoyant.
This Wednesday, August 18th, it’s our monthly
Coriander Social Hour and we are holding another of our extremely
popular Big Brown Bag Reverse Auctions. The powerful aroma of scorching
deals will fill our studio and seep through your screen as we auction
off piece after sweet piece of our beautiful fashions and products
for 2+ action-filled hours. Limber up those typing fingers.
Tune in on our Facebook page @shopcoriander at 7PM sharp as
the smokin’ hot deals will be coming at you hard and fast.
Read all the tantalizing details here.
Register now at so your
personalized big brown bag will ready for filling as soon as we hit
the airwaves. As a reward signing up before 3PM on Wednesday,
we will pop a special gift in your bag. Sah-weet!
See you soon. :)

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