Dressing for Special Occasions

How to Celebrate Good Times

It’s happening! After two years of postponed plans, cancellations, and on-screen celebrations, we’re now starting to step into the sunshine of in-person special occasions. 

And we are HERE. FOR. IT!

From weddings, showers, and graduations to concerts and music festivals, it’s time to reunite with your favourite people and experiences. And to recapture the feeling of getting all dressed up with places to go!

As exciting as it is to be emerging from our Netflix nests, you may have realized that you need to adjust to the world of socializing IRL (are we still doing handshakes?!).

And, more importantly, what should you wear?

If you’ve peeked into your closet and discovered that the wardrobe that worked in the before times no longer works for you (thanks wine!), let our Coriander Special Occasion Guide help you navigate this brave new world!

Dress it Up!

Dresses are back in a big way. Puffy sleeves, vibrant prints and colours, tiers and tassels. And ,of course, comfortable, versatile pieces are always in style.



Blooming with colour, this dress from Molly Bracken is fresh and on-trend. A pretty pair of heels makes it perfect for a wedding. Wear it more casually with sneakers or sandals all summer long.


A classic silhouette and cool, comfortable linen are elevated in this golden-hued dress by Gershon Bram. This dress will take you anywhere—from a bridal shower to a backyard BBQ.


The length, fit, and beautifully bold pattern of this dress by Aldo Martin signals you're ready to get the party started. The silky soft fabric feels elegant and elevated.

A perennial favourite, the Everything Dress by Habitat is the LBD (little black dress) for grown-ups. True to its name, this dress goes with everything. Pair it with a wrap, scarf, or kimono and you’re ready for a more formal event. Don a denim jacket and you’re ready to reunite with friends over drinks on the patio. 


You’re ready to face the music in this statement vest by Veveret. Get ready to rock out at the stadium or meander the outdoor music festival in this bedazzled beauty. For more 'i'm with the band' style, be sure to check out all of our pieces by Veveret.

Special Touches

Our collection is brimming with pieces that add that personal style to your special occasion outfit. A patterned scarf, pretty earrings, or a wide-brimmed hat help you show up in style.


 This coral-hued hat will have you covered at the outdoor wedding shower.


Add a subtle pop of colour and interest to your outfit in these stunning sculptural earrings.

Formal or informal, elegant or everyday...any occasion where we can be surrounded once again by the people we love is truly something special. 

Wishing you a summer to celebrate!

Your Friends at Coriander.







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