World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day

Bike to Work

Celebrate World Car Free Day this September 22, 2021 by biking to work. The rewards go beyond trimming and toning your backside.  

The Collingwood Climate Action Team (CCAT) and participating local businesses are awarding patrons who ride a bike, walk, use a scooter or any other method of transportation that does not involve gas or diesel on September 22nd with a “Carbon Credit” to be used at a later date.  

Here at Coriander, we are very concerned with our carbon footprint and base our merchandise buying decisions largely on the eco impact of the clothing and product brands we bring to you.

As a supporter of World Car Free Day, we are also providing a bike parking tent in front of our Coriander Style store for this earth-friendly event on the 22nd. Come shop with us and identify yourself as someone who biked, walked, scootered, rollerbladed, rode a horse or otherwise eschewed petroleum fuel for the day and we will present you with a special carbon credit to be used on your next visit to either Coriander Life or Coriander Style.

Mother Earth will be so happy you gave carbon the boot if even only for a day.

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