Coriander's Favourite Things Box: Winter Edition

Coriander's Favourite Things Box: Winter Edition

Winter solstice is fast upon us, bringing with it the beauty of glinting snow, that fresh, crisp air, and lots of frosty fun outdoor adventures. The winter season is also a marker for the much anticipated arrival of our next Coriander’s Favourite Things Box.

Our carefully curated Favourite Things Subscription Box for Winter comes packed with specially selected products to lift your spirits, finish your fave winter outfits, and flat out celebrate you. Oh – that was your big hint. But it’s the only one you’ll get because part of the fun of these fantastic seasonal subscription boxes is uncovering the surprises you’ll find inside.

Okay, maybe we’ll hint a little more.

Containing both beautiful and practical elements with an eye to sustainability and eco-friendliness, this bundle of goodies speaks to the real world woman. She is pulled together. She prefers the finer things in life. She is out there, getting things done and aweing onlookers with her effortless style. She is you...and, if you’re not her yet, you soon will be. 

Intrigued? Well, we simply cannot say a syllable more other than the box contents will help you breeze through the next chilly months swathed in confidence and panache (it really is that simple).

A Coriander subscription box also makes a wonderful gift for someone special. Just remember that they definitely are designed with women in mind. (Not yet another hint as this was discussed earlier in this blog.)  And an even better gift for any Coriander lover would be a year’s subscription to our slowly-becoming-famous Favourite Things Boxes. 

Your box can be reserved online while supplies last -- and we do just have a limited number. All Winter boxes will be released on Monday, December 13th so mark your calendars and get excited!  If they don’t all sell out before our release date, we will have any extras available to be picked up at the Style store after the 13th. 

And if we still haven’t convinced you, here are some very happy words from a very happy box recipient:

“Can I just say AWESOME!  I ❤❤❤ this subscription package.  Excellent picks….Thank you!”

- Patti

We’d love to hear what you think about your subscription box too.

Even more good news – we ship!  Shipping is free for orders over $150.  Order your Winter Favourites Box now and scoff in the face of Old Man Winter for this year, Coriander’s got you covered.

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