Hygge: What It Is and How to Get It

Hygge: What It Is and How to Get It





  1. a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

An ambience of that of a warm, joyous hug. An interior that appeals to the senses. A brightening of the spirits. Hygge tells us that surrounding yourself with a higher instance of joy inducing things leads to relaxing coziness, both of body and spirit. This leads to contentment which leads to a happier life overall. But how does one achieve hygge? Daily doses of pleasing things in various forms are both highly recommended and very easily incorporated into your regular routine.

Begin with your surroundings. Do you listen to music while you get ready for your day? Compiling a playlist on your device is simple to do or search out an online radio station that plays your fave genre. Now you are embraced in an audio hug.

A central component of hygge is minimalism with a place for everything and everything in its place. No clutter. Your space becomes a mental hug. Its aesthetics are soft and appealing to the senses, especially touch. Adding some blankets and throw cushions and rugs and wall art will lend to the feeling of being buffered from the stress of the outside world.

A few sources of gentle lighting will create a cozy retreat from the world. Think table lamps and scented candles here. Planters and greenery provide the necessary passive vitality.


Of course you can and should hygge yourself. Through your clothing and self-care choices you can forge a life of constant little pleasures. Weave some fluffy knit scarves and soft combed flannel and snuggly sweaters into your daily ensembles. Choose jeans and warm winter coats rather than clothing with holes and leather pants and raggedy sweats. Texture is important. Bulky knits and fuzzy chenilles and plush velvets – anything that invites a touch – is the way to go. 

Self-care during these colder months definitely includes skin care.  A favourite insulated mug will keep your beverages warm and cozy too.

Lock in that moisture with some lip balm and skin lotion in your favourite flavours and scents. See? Little joys that lead to big happiness is what hygge is all about. Sounds brilliant to us. 

   Good grooming is the basis for a good appearance. A rich lathering soap to feed your skin and soothe your soul is an affordable indulgence. #aromatherapy 

Peace of mind is the ultimate goal. Show yourself some love -- it’s healthy for you and everyone else too. Get cozy and happy.

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