Find Your Style

Find Your Style

Find Your Style

Tuesday, October 4 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

This full-day, multilayered experience will revolve around our new arrival fall and winter accessories: “How to Accessorize to Find Your Style”. 

Back by popular demand, Claudia Tonna from V Fraas Scarves will be on hand from 11AM-2PM to demonstrate to our guests how to best accessorize for the season with scarves. 

From 2-5PM, Mariouche Gagné, the award-winning designer behind Montreal’s Canadian Hat Company will be on hand to tell her story, share the exciting new trends in millinery and to take special orders for their custom made hat collection.

Guests are invited to join us  throughout the day – no tickets are required. There will be door prizes and refreshments on offer and lots of expert styling.

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