Fashion is Art

September 13, 2021

Fashion is Art

Fashion is Art

It requires that one be possessed of creativity and artistic talent to design clothing that compels people to spend their money to acquire it. It is painting and architecture combined on a 1:1 human aspect. Oh, sure – the “little black dress” has been worked to death, but this concept keeps returning year after year, decade after decade, as each generation of designers and consumers want their shot at it. Renaissance is inevitable. 

That said, every couple of years, a fashion designer appears on the horizon, their ascension to this lofty perch coming by way of their paradigm shifting clothing creation. Haute couture is a blank cheque for garment designers to go wild with end products that favour practicality over sensationalism. Turn heads at any cost. Push the boundaries and produce original content for the fashion media. Here is where art is most readily married to garment construction.

Happily, some designers are capable of bringing this fertile union to everyday wear. Case in point, our trunk show star, Canadian women’s clothes designer Shannon Passero. Come by Coriander Style on Tuesday, September 28th and see for yourself. Try on some show exclusive pieces and maybe take some clothing artwork home with you. 

The Collingwood Art Crawl lands on Saturday, September 18th this year and is an afternoon to evening based event focussing on local artists and music makers. 

Being the great art lovers and supporters you already know us to be, we are very pleased to announce that Coriander Style will be hosting award winning coloured pencil artist Laura Steels Hitchcock from 2 pm to 9 pm. Read more about Laura and her work here. Find out more about the Art Crawl itself here

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