Hey, Junior Chefs! Are you ready to have a blast in the kitchen and learn how to make the best food you ever tasted? Step by step, this cookbook will show you how to cook the way grown-ups do, but with your favourite flavours! These recipes are perfect for kids because they use simple ingredients, don't take a lot of work and most cook in just one pot or pan. Along the way, you'll learn important skills, such as how to cut foods with or without a knife, how to brown ground meat, how to cook noodles and how to use an oven safely. With so many tasty choices, you can enjoy a laid-back weekend morning by cooking up a wonderful breakfast treat for everyone, such as Cinnamon Sugar & Pecan Monkey Bread. Or choose an amazing dinner such as School Night Chicken Fajitas, Better than Buttered Noodles and Magic Crunchy Coated Fish. You can even make your own favourite restaurant foods like Chicken Finger Dunkers or Mix-and-Match Seasoned French Fries. The original Ultimate Kids' Cookbook has been a treasured resource for thousands of families. This new and expanded edition features 20 brand-new recipes and a totally fresh makeover, now with stunning full-page photography for every recipe and hand-lettered illustrations. With this cookbook at home, you will have a complete guide to making nutritious and delicious meals with confidence for the ones you love most.