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Fold it, flip it, fold it, unfold it, turn it, and fold again. Repeat this series of steps until you can convince someone else that it looks like something.

Deluxe boxed set contains 500 sheets of premium origami paper for hours of creative fun.

  • Vibrant, specially designed paper is the perfect weight for easy folding and durability.
  • 12 different Japanese washi designs are featured on one side of each sheet, with brilliant solid colours on the other side.
  • Boxed set includes a booklet with instructions for making 6 classic origami projects: a boat, a crane, a fortune teller, a pinwheel, a flower, and a box.
  • Discover, explore, and enjoy this ancient art form!
  • Set comes in a sturdy laminated box that safeguards your origami paper as you use it.
  • 500 sheets in all.
  • Each sheet measures 6'' square.