Our Team




Sylvia actually rules the roost here at Coriander Style and she has lots of opinions which she shares with us constantly. She loves being admired by her flocks of visitors and has been known to co-star in the odd selfie or two


This is our founder, Sarah

When she is not off galivanting across the world on buying trips & finding super cool stuff for the stores, Sarah is dreaming up new and exciting ways to connect with our community. All the crazy events and fun clubs that we encourage you to join, you can blame Sarah for these. You can also hang out with Sarah each Wednesday as she and a co-host present the Coriander Social Hour, our LIVE weekly social broadcasts.


This is Amy

With confident styling skills and a warm and friendly nature, Amy is much loved and appreciated by everyone in our community. And as the manager for both of our Coriander stores, she is a busy person. She assists in the fashion buying and manages a great team of lively women. Amy is also a regular on our weekly Wednesday LIVE shows as a co-host.


This is Maggie

Always looking like a million dollars, Maggie also has a heart of gold.  And more than anything else, Maggie loves to share her vast knowledge of how to look great in clothes. You will find her in our Style store, working her magic always with a twinkle in her eye.


This is Cari

Yup - She doesn't exactly love this picture but we do! Cari is a lot of fun.  She is also creates very wonderful store windows and displays as our lead store merchandiser.  Always in a great mood, you will find Cari in our Coriander Life store, spreading smiles with everyone she meets.


This is Jenn

Need some great ideas for a gift or find the perfect card? Want to know more about our fabulous merchandise at Coriander Life? Jenn is your gal. Full of creative insight, Jenn is the person who can help you nail that challenging present. And her warm and caring nature will make the experience a lot more stress-free fun for you too.


This is Alicia

While you might not always get a sighting of our Alicia (selfishly, we keep her well caffeinated and hidden in the back most days), she is the person keeping us organized and the stores fed with great product. She also runs our website and is the helpful responder to all of your e-questions.


This is Frejya, the Viking Princess Dog

While not exactly a store dog, Freyja does make an appearance on occasion – mostly to reek havoc and pillage the merchandise - but she is an inspiration behind our fondness for all things dog & cat. We are huge pet lovers at Coriander and get excited when we can work on fundraising partnerships with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Frejya also insists that we keep extra cookies on hand just so that canine visitors feel welcome.

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