Sometimes we don't need our hand lotion to have all the bells and whistles. We just need a cream that will moisturize our hands regardless of whatever farm chores we need to do.

Cruelty-Free means that this lotion is kind to both your hands and all the animals on the Beekman farm!


Pure Goat - unscented. 

ArcadiaArcadia is celebrated as a place of tranquil, pastoral beauty. Transport yourself there with the refreshing notes of jasmine and clematis in this versatile, ultra-rich cream that softens and soothes rough, tired skin.

Honeyed GrapefruitA luxurious hand cream that's brightly scented with notes of grapefruit and guava. 

Honey & Orange Blossom -This floral scented cream is rich in goat milk and shea butter, ensuring lasting moisture, and is laced with gentle botanical notes to give hydrating relief to dry hands.


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