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Cocktail bombs are the easiest way to make cocktails. They are like bath bombs but for your drink. When dropped into sparkling water cocktail bombs fizz and create a delicious cocktail or mocktail.

Step 1 : 
Choose your favourite Cocktail Bomb

Step 2: 
Drop into a glass of your favourite sparkling beverage ( we recommend 250ml or 8oz )

Step 3:
Enjoy as is, or add a shot of your favourite spirit

BLUE RASPBERRYPerfect for making Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaii, Blue Rasberry Vodka Lemonade, Ice Age Cocktail, and more!

MARGARITA  A classic and refreshing cocktail. A delicious tangy lime flavour, this cocktail bomb offers a sweet and citrus sour experience. 

MIMOSA - The mimosa is a classic brunch cocktail. This cocktail is both refreshing and delicious.

MOJITO - The mojito allows minty, sweet and acidic flavours to mingle perfectly together. 

PEACH BELLINI- The peach bellini bomb is sweet, fruity and refreshingly delicious. This fun Italian cocktail bomb will have you feeling like you are on vacation. 

PINA COLADA -  This cocktail bomb features a tropical blend of pineapple and coconut. It is sweet, creamy and tangy. 

RASBERRY ORANGE - Features sweet and tangy notes of orange and raspberry. The two flavours mingle perfectly together and create a delicious punch. 


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