Don’t you agree that nothing beats the feeling of getting a card in the mail from someone who is thinking about you?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could share this feeling with the people in your life who would benefit from some love? But life gets busy and sometimes the process of sending cards can be complicated. This is exactly why we have come up with our latest Coriander club – we want to make things easy for you to become the greeting card hero you want to be.


Our Cards for the Month club.

For just $30 a month (plus HST), our members receive the following:

A bundle of 5 fresh and new handpicked cards chosen for their creativity, warmth, and good humour.  While most cards will be suitable for any purpose, we will include a handful of specialty cards for general events like birthdays and thank-yous.  

And as a fabulous and logical bonus, we will be throwing in 5 Canadian stamps to make it extra easy for you to get our gorgeous, top quality cards into the hands of the people you love.

Being the well-known greeting card professionals we are, we know different cards appeal to different people. With this in mind, you have two options for your monthly bundle:  SWEET or SAUCY. You get to choose whether you like your cards beautiful and warm, but with clean language (Sweet) OR with a bit of sauciness and bite, designed to make your recipient laugh and not always PG13 (Saucy).  Regardless of your choice, you can trust us to curate an amazing card bundle for you each month.

A few more details:

Our monthly collections are set and we cannot make substitutions.

You are welcome to choose a curbside pick up for the monthly bundle or you can pay an extra $3 shipping charge and we will get them to you wherever you are.

The card bundle will be available at the first of each month, so rest assured you will be well equipped to send your greetings on time.

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