Coriander Social Hour


Join us one Wednesday each month at 7 pm. Coming to you LIVE from Coriander in beautiful downtown Collingwood, it's always another thrilling episode of The Coriander Social Hour with Sarah & Friends.

Sarah and co-host(s) present a plethora of new fashions, products, and information during a very laidback hour of chat and fun...and maybe a libation or two. 

Tune in on our Coriander Collingwood Facebook page or our Instagram page - @coriandercollingwood - to join in the fun and fashion.

Plunk us into your calendar so you don't miss a single episode of The Coriander Social Hour. 

We really look forward to sharing this time with you, so don't be shy about typing in a few questions. Members of our Coriander team will be on-hand to reply to any comments you might like to share. This is truly an interactive experience. And if you enjoy our community, consider joining our Coriander Social Club FB group, a place where we can meet, chat with each other, share great finds, make fun of the hosts or whatever else tickles your fancy.



This time Amy and Cari present summery dresses for every occasion, from weddings to grocery shopping.

Keep your eyes peeled for special LIVE broadcast events throughout the summer months.