Vacation time!!!

July 20, 2021

Vacation time!!!

It’s vacation time at last. You’ve booked time off work, planned your trip, arranged for a house sitter, and now your departure date looms on the calendar. The only matter to be addressed now is what to pack. Room in your luggage is precious real estate. You must make the most of every square inch. 

Sure we all know some packing tips: shoes are packed with smaller items and arranged on top with “soles towards heaven”, T-shirts are rolled to prevent wrinkling, and toiletries must go in a Ziploc bag to prevent wardrobe devastating spillages.

But what needs to be included? What will you reach for and rue to find not there?

Let’s begin with the basics -- hygiene and skin care. Bringing your own cleansing and moisturizing products keeps your grooming routine intact and avoids the hazards of cheap hotel offerings: dodgy ingredients and heavy fragrances. Don’t forget dental care items. And sunscreen

Undies and socks of course are next and they can be stashed in your packed shoes. Those little nylon sockettes that are invisible inside shoes, but add some comforting slipperiness to foot rub points are essential. You’re welcome. Your favourite T-shirt bra is your best bet for versatility. It looks good under anything. Just wear this and give it a rinse in the sink should it need freshening up. 

Outfit pieces are best chosen for mix and match ability and easy care for laundering. Tops that go with skirts, shorts, or jeans…a cardigan that pairs with dresses as well as dress pants…a camisole or two to wear under a blazer or low cut pullover. And pay attention to your colour palette for ease of pairing pieces.

In all cases, a crushable hat and UV blocking sunglasses are must haves. Carry them in your oversize handbag or tote to keep them handy at all times. Airlines allow you one carry on piece, but sometimes you can get away with a tote bag as well. Make it a roomy one. And if it is a driving holiday, your one-stop magic tote can hold a day's worth of adventure essentials.

Now just remember your phone charger and a few summer reads and you’re well on your way to some well deserved R&R.

Happy Vacation!

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